A site supposedly dedicated to art and fictional writing that is so bogged down by rules that its a wonder it has any members. At least it's free.

The site is divided into Fantasy, Fan Art, and Writing sections; the writing section has some of the strictest rules, and is the least acsessible to outsiders.
I submitted a scifi story that was rejected for being too much like starwars, despite the fact I had almost direct copies of elements from DragonBallZ and Startrek that were far more blatant than any starwars references.
by Chaltab March 4, 2005
Elfwood is a sucktastic "art" community for fantasy, scifi and fanart writers and artists.

They are so strict on rules that your drawing must be PERFECT to be put in your own gallery. The douchebag mods are picky as to who can actualy post anything. ONE thing wrong with your darwing, such as your scanner sucks and the color isn't right, but you can't fix it, and they reject it, no matter how much talent you have.

The writing section of Elfwood is the suckiest. How ANYONE can get their stories in there is amazing, seeing as how the mods are even more picky with that!

Younger artists on Elfwood are given no respect by older artists, no matter how talented and older artists can steal younger artists art and get away with it.

Elfwood is also a place you'll find alot of 13-year-old anime/manga fans spouting kawaii!!! at the anime fanart, which most of the time is traced.

Bottom line is, Elfwood sucks and has taken the true meaning of art and stomped all over it just to see the real artists cry... Way to go Elfwood.
WTF??? Elfwood rejected my drawing because of one microscopic flaw not visible to the human eye!
by The lol Bandit December 16, 2008
A place where thousands of fantasy-related pictures and writings are posted, commented on, and given "constructive criticism". Consists of many cliques, subtle and otherwise, such as "Mod's Choice Winners", "Mods", the mysterious "ERB", "flamers", "spammers", "Zoners", etc. Wyvern's Library writers especially seem to be isolated from the rest of Elfwood.

Thomas is the founder, and very often worshipped by "Elfwooders".
I forgot to check the Mod's Choices at Elfwood today!
a site full of fantasy artist/writers.
some of them have art but most of the people there draw like trash! hey, they even make you memorise the rules just for the sake of letting you in. the site sucks and they also delete your stuff... what a waste of time.
by michee May 25, 2003