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the white mexican gang in GTA San Andreas. The enemy of the grove street families. Referring to a whites/mexicans in a gang that wants it all.
yo, homie! Them Vargos playas'just popped that black nigga for a slice of them drugs!
by Benbot87 August 18, 2006
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To unintentionally cock block yourself via words, actions, or plain stupidity. You not only impede your sexual desires, but most likely block the cocks of anyone in the vicinity, especially those in your group of friends.
"Dude, Paul was doing great work with that chick until he showed her his best impersonation of Gary Coleman and Vargo'd himself for the rest of the night."

"Man, if Paul Vargo's me one more time in front of a group of girls, I may have to beat his ass."
by The Dizzy D June 15, 2009
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a fine baseball player with a fat ass,
that bounces in the air and makes people happy
ex 1

freshman girl: HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT BEAUTIFUL THING in those tight pantsss?

junior boy: that's a fuckin vargo!

ex 2

freshman boy: HE HAS GOT THAT DROP, that vargo!

senior girl: *makes slapping noises*
by jordanjay69 April 13, 2008
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A Vargo or to Vargo

A gay nerd who uses an unsuspecting nice person of the opposite sex as cover to climb to a powerful position.

To use a nieve nice person as a beard to achieve power.
Joe:"Did you know that they are going to promote Ted to President of the whole western division."

Jack:"He Vargoed every woman in the company to make it."

Joe:"His wife doesn't even know he is a Vargo."

Jack:"That poor woman."

Ted Haggard and Senator Larry Craig are Vargos. They Vargo their wives.
by capooter February 24, 2009
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1. a condition in which a person has herpies and that smells like assfudge and Mexican food covered in burn hair

2. a short fucken fat FUCKEN stupid kid in the army that smells and is named vargo
1. dude i think szabo has a case of the vargo!!!

2. theres that smell as fuck vargo!!
by your mom in 1/325 July 26, 2006
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The fake name you give to the police when you've been arrested too many times.
The Officer arrested Ms. Vargo for stealing Jeans, knowing she looked familiar.
by TheAntiTrollkin July 30, 2018
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