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The information you leave behind (in the cloud) when you think you've deleted something from the internet or twitter.
Dude! You think hitting the delete button means that post is gone? Sorry to tell you bud, but you've left a vapor trail - cyberspace never forgets ;-}
by b-tex1 October 29, 2012
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Similar to crop dusting, vapor trailing involves farting while walking, but in this case instead of passing someone standing still, the person is walking behind you. Based on the vapor trails that high flying jets make.
I just vapor trailed the poor sap behind me like I was an Airbus A330.
by mister phil August 19, 2008
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The electronic equivalent of a "paper trail". In the old days, guys like Enron and MCI had to worry about leaving hard-copy memos and such laying around that could eventually be used against them. Now it's e-mails, text files, server databases and the like.
Enron's IT guys are trying furiously to erase the vapor trail.
by Madmann October 11, 2005
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The lingering, and sometimes sickening, odor of stale alcohol that emanates from one's sweat glands after a long night of heavy drinking.
I was standing in line for a hoagie, but the vapor trail from the dude ahead of me made me lose my appetite.
by last night's eyeliner May 23, 2010
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When male ejaculate dries on a fabric surface and disappears, but leaves a hard edged wrinkle on the fabric, causing it to crease.
by Moira49 January 03, 2011
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