to be roundhouse kicked in the face by someone who sports a wicked mullet
that dude got van dammed
by luvaas brad December 11, 2008
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v. to make a serious face in order to make it seem like you're sober when you clearly are not. especially when cops are present.
dude there's a cop over there you better van dam.
by jerseygirl609 January 07, 2008
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Rob Van Dam Is a American Professional Wrestler Currently Contracted With The WWE On Its ECW Brand That Was Recently Resurected By Popular Demand Was In The Original ECW Owned By Paul Heyman ,Paul Heyman Has Most Creative Control In The New ECWBut Does Not The New ECW,Rob Van Dam Was Trained By The Original Sheik Ed Farhat Alongside Terry Brunk Known To The World As Sabu Which The Two Would Team Up In The Future In ECW Well Now Rob Van Dam Is Now The WWE/ECW Champion After ECW One Night Stand 2006 Was The Longest To Ever Hold The ECW Television Title For Along 23 Month -Reign As Champion
Rob Van Dam Is The Whole F,N sHOW
by Drew Daugherty June 20, 2006
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Ok pretty much Van Dam Face means a serious face

The Van Dam part is based off the actor(dur)and he is serious in his movies (also dur)
Ok if you're going to trick somebody you have to have a Van Dam Face
by Charlie Chaplin October 29, 2005
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The closeted lover of Luke Pritchard who openly displays her fawning over Caleb, the lead singer of Kings of Leon. She is definitely NOT vertically challenged. Mentally, I am not so sure.

Whoever wrote this is yanking her chain.


Also: see the definition of awesome and epic and radtastic.
Oh, look, Prudence Van Dam is strolling down the street! MUST PUT ON OUR SUNGLASSES FOR HER EPICNESS IS LIKE A HUGE GLARE IN MY EYES.

If bananas are yellow, Prudence is black.

Prudence's distant distant distant uncle is Obama.
by howdythar May 02, 2009
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An expression to make yourself feel better whenever bullshit happens. The stoner's version of "Woosah".
Chad: "Man, that Ebola virus sure sounds scary!"

Dave: "Rob...Van...DAM!"
by Bob Van Dam October 23, 2014
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adjective for gettin round house kicked in the face into a coma...
holy shit he just got jean claude van dammed in the face!
by theMANbrad February 10, 2010
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