Possibly the sexiest man alive. The cutest Kook member by far. His abilty to write amazing tuneage and sing in an amazingly unique way are just a few of the amazingly cool and bloody amazing quality talents he has. His BEAUTIFUL curly hair holds magical powers that makes all fall in live with him. He is a sex god.
Leanne: Luke pritchard is the most beautiful sexy man i have ever looked at, i want to touch him. Corrrr!

Tasha: Yeah that Mischa Barton didnt deserve him.
by Mrslukepritchard ;) August 16, 2009
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The only man with curly hair who is actually fuckable. Sings lead vocals for the band The Kooks. His accent has the ability to make farm animals get erections; even if they are female.
Straight Male: "I would go gay for Luke Pritchard!"
Homosexual Female: "I would go straight for Luke Pritchard!"
by s00per d00per July 10, 2008
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Lead singer/Vocals of the Brighton band,the kooks. Gorgeous curly haired boy.
Person 1: 'Luke Pritchard...who'
Person 2: 'The HOT lead singer from The Kooks with the amazing curly hair!'
by S#0rt1 October 23, 2006
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