To perform cunnilingus while the receiver is on their period, like how a vampire sucks blood. This act, if performed right, can be a very erotic experience and can even get rid of stress and menstrual pain!!
Fred: Yo! Where in da hell were you last night??
Jack: Oh, I was just vampiring Sarah, that`s all.
Fred: Damn yo! Dafuq is wrong with you!?
Jack: Nothing`s wrong with me, it was actually quite pleasurable, and I made her cum too!
Fred: You is damn kinky!!
Jack: And "you is" a damn retard! And besides, she really needed it!
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When you go down with a girl on her period.
I enjoy the taste of pennys, so I met Bloody Mary and went vampiring.

My Doctor says I have an iron deficiency, so I went vampiring.
by The Count(ah-ha-ha) November 26, 2012
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Essentialy a blow job except with the girl using her teeth
"damn i feel like a blowjob"
"How about shake it up with some vampiring"
"Ouch, ewwwww. What is wrong with you?"
by IPWNNOOBS69 September 15, 2009
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The act of licking a vagina while she is on her period.
Dude1: My girlfriend was on her period last week.
Dude 2: I know, I saw you vampiring her the other day
by Zodiiac March 4, 2016
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Something that does not sparkle.
Dracula is a vampire, but Edward Cullen is a fairy.
by lacunainc May 14, 2009
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Immortal being that subsists on blood. Legend says the Only way to kill a Vampire is with a wooden stake thru the heart but an Original Vampire can Only be killed with white oak.
A Vampire can have kids with a human so then they're 1/2 Vampire, 1/2 human~hybrid. Vampires are out at night & avoid daylight & sunshine.
by Starchylde August 27, 2016
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The vampire legend comes from the the Greek Mythological creature, Empusa, which is a creature that has the upper body of a ghost, a leg of a donkey, and a leg of bronze. Empusa fed on the blood of young men, creating the vampire legend. So therefore, vampires do NOT sparkle. Those are fairies.
Oh, that creature is defiantly a vampire.
by bookworm0503 May 11, 2011
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