vagina wedgie caused by excessive thong pulling.
melissa hated ashley for stealing her boyfriend, so ashley pulled melissa's thong to give her a vaginie.
by J-Wack December 1, 2011
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Having a vagina/penis

Signs you have one:
1) Your penis is always in your vagina
2) everytime you take a step you quife
3) you've impregnated yourself
4) your a guy and you listen to the jonas brothers
5) you get confused when you have to piss
The lead singer of alesana is a vaginis
by GUAMILY February 16, 2009
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A sick twisted cross of both reproductive organs probaly due to either...
1, A growth spert
2, A hormonal reaction
3, Nuclear waste mixed the two
Holy Shit...That dude has a Vaginis
by hypedupmonkey January 10, 2005
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A man that has all the anatomical parts but no "balls, cojones," to back it up!

Dude, you are such a vaginis for not going on that roller coaster.

You won't jump out of that plane? You're a complete vaginis.
by SmileyD September 17, 2008
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Dude! I was so drunk last night, I think I drank one to many vaginis.
by Superhottytom April 10, 2009
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a derogatory term used to describe a female with a bad idea.
"She had the vaginious idea that inviting her mother to join us camping would make it more fun"
by Pixelboy May 28, 2009
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