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With humble beginnings in Baltimore and then solidifying their lineup in Raleigh, North Carolina, the genre-blending quintet called alesana has come a long way in order to bring you their musical vision and incendiary live performance. Exploring the heights of love and the lows of heartbreak and bitterness that often follow, alesana's music strikes a universal chord with audiences around the world. Fans embrace the emotional sincerity and undeniable intensity of the music while reveling in the reckless abandon with which alesana performs. Formed in October 2004 by guitarist/vocalist Shawn Milke, guitarist Patrick Thompson, vocalist Dennis Lee, and bassist Steven Tomany, alesana quickly became a staple of the burgeoning Raleigh post-hardcore scene. Metal and hardcore fans were drawn to alesana's gut-wrenching vocals, solid riffs, blasting double bass and intelligent breakdowns. Progressive fans were drawn to their cascading song structures and deft control of dynamics, and emo/pop punkfans were drawn to their catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics. In May 2005, alesana began working on their debut EP. The disc "Try This With Your Eyes Closed" was released in mid-June 2005 to an ever-expanding fan base eager to take alesana home with them. With their additions of Adam Ferguson on third guitar/third vocal,and Jeremy Bryan on drums, alesana is ready to hit the road for their first US tour this summer. Word-of-mouth, internet promotion and online sales have given fans around the world access to alesana, landing the EP in Europe, Australia, Central America and across the nation. Since the release, alesana has been hard at work playing shows across the region (including the Cornerstone Festival and an episode of the MTV series "My Super-Sweet Sixteen"). Now with their first national release "On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax" recorded with producers Kit Walters and Jamie King, it is only a matter of time until alesana is in your stereo. xoxo

by make.a.wish September 24, 2006
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alesana is one of the most amazing bands ever. and they do not suck playing live, they are orgasmic performers at concerts.
Band members:
dennis lee, jeremy bryan, shawn milke, patrick thompson, adam ferguson, and shane crump USED to be in the band.
*recently, shane quit the band....*
so at warped tour they had a random guy filling in for bass.
kathy: oh you know that band, alesana?
john: yeah what about them?
kathy: they are the best band i've ever listened to and i just bought their new cd, when myth fades to legend!
john: aren't they that really good screamo punk band?
kathy: yeah and adam ferguson is so much hotter than you, so bye!
by alesanalover August 23, 2008
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One of the best post-hardcore/ Emo bands out there, yes they're emo. With high pitched vocals that seem to be irritating to most people with red neck mentality(people who hate change), killer screams and heart-tearing lyrics, this band have established themselves in the music scene, they might have poor musicianship, they still sound pretty good with their concept albums and awesome live shows.
Fag: Alesana's lead vocalist is gay, they suck
Guy: 1:Shawn Milke's sexual orientation has nothing to do with the bands music
2: He's not gay, in fact he's the only married member of the band
by xtwomoreweeksx October 28, 2011
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A "band" consisting of boys who wear girl jeans, sound like girls, and are probably transexuals. They're many brainwashed followers hate anyone calling them these things even thought they know its true.
Person 1: Have you ever listened to Alesana?

Person 2:Hell no dude, they're fucking transvestites!

by 0_o_0 December 05, 2009
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Lamest fucking emo bullshit trying to be hardcore band ever. Sure, you may love their album and everything they've ever recorded, but if your pussy ass could make it to a show, you'd know that they sound like shit live & everybody leaves dissappointed. The band likes to all play in the same black outfits everytime- girl pants, and tight black shirts. They also share the same emo swoop and appear to choreograph their headbanging together. They sound like shit live. End of story.
Damn, Seeing Alesana live makes me want to put a fucking bullet in my skull.
by RebeccaSanchezzzzz July 18, 2008
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