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Vagaga; n. -Another word for vagina. 'Vagaga' is used when censorship of the word 'vagina' could be a problem. (Or, if you turn pink saying the word Vagina, but have no problems saying Vagaga.)

**Pronounciation: -ve, as in 'very'. Followed by two 'jaw's:
ve.jaw.jaw **
'I'm sorry Ms. Lambert, but your vagaga is inside-out.' 'Really?'
by F. Johnston August 08, 2007
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A slang word for vagina when you trying to be funny
I ripped my vagaga it hurt so much
by The bEsTeSTesssasa September 23, 2019
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A vagina with identical features as lady gaga's. Those features being flavor, shape, and color.
See that girl Jennifer? Oh yeah man, she's got a vagaga man!
by Brhodiz December 29, 2017
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