The feeling you get when you're filled with inspiration or full of excitement and energy...
She got her va va voom back when she realised that she had not missed the deadline for the contest.
by Kirk T October 15, 2003
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how the fuck VA is the soooouuuuth?
by VAaintSouth August 9, 2005
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describing the sound of an vehicular engine being accelerated. Mostly used to describe smth that turns one on or gets one going on a very dedicated level.
she make me go va-va-voom,
by mike wolff May 3, 2003
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This words originates from the Gujarat State in India meaning "wow, awesome job brotha" or "damn that was hot" Many older Gujurati men(Uncles) and women(Aunties) that have emigrated from india use this term.
Son Says : "Hey daddy I got all straight A+'s and I'm ranked number one in my class!"

Gujurati Father Says: "Va bhai Va, very good my fellow son, you have done the good job in your studies. Im proud am of you."
by wow i hit a sixer 96 November 11, 2004
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oh my god, i really fancy some vas now.
by lilvaseline February 12, 2019
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a vagina. a vag. a dumbass. a person who is acting like a vagina.
"you va-va." "u saw your sisters va-va?"
by Vagina Sucker June 5, 2005
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