a phone that is supposedly cool, but really is a pain in the butt. Its too slow.
Friend 1: She hasn't text me back yet
Friend 2: its ok honey, she has a RAZR v3
by PixieDust21 June 22, 2008
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Something that will never release.
Painexist: Sentinel V3 soon!
*3 years later*
Painexist: Sentinel V3 soon!
Bob: Still waiting for Sentinel V3..
Joe: Yeah, buddy that wont ever come out..
by bignamerfrr December 30, 2022
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one of the best nba games. u can do impossible tricks in the game. in the gamecube version you can control mario, luigi, and peach. the ps2 version doesn't have the three but you can play online. the beasty boys are also in there too.
mario's team beat the nuggets!
by person March 2, 2005
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quackity talks v3, also known as qtv3 is reperesentation of mental illness and little gay fucks with no lives and good sense of fashion
the better person: “broo r u in quackity talks v3”

lobster: “actually piss off no one cares it’s just a discord server stop taking about it what is wrong with u i hate u so much”

better person: “ not funny + ratio + L bozo + skill issue + qrt + cope + deez nuts + your mom + dont care + didnt ask + cancelled + counter ratio + told my mom on you”

tommy: heehaw
by quacktiddytv lover January 15, 2022
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If you missed the first two, here we are again. Nobody liked Discord server owners anyways.

Is located on Dec 19th of any year.
Fuck the owner Again V3 is my favourite day.
by Speegey December 19, 2021
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BRED responded how nice of him :D
So ill say something
Hi, BRED...
BRED#4316 ;)
BRED V3 is a post in urban dictionary that BRED has to respond
by BRED IS A SIMP LMAO May 20, 2022
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