A vagina hole! A "v" is a vagina.
My v-hole hurts.

Rachel sure does have a tasty v-hole!
by Hottie McBody October 2, 2006
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1) The vaginal entrance.
2) A shining example of why vegans get a bad rap.
Ew, I got sand up my v-hole at the nude beach!
That v-hole Gary showed up uninvited to the barbecue to spout threats and try to squick people.
by Punch Dagger of Serenity August 2, 2019
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Women on a only fan's Make money by posting pictures of their v hole
by lord trekkie juggalo June 11, 2023
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The hole of the vagina, located between pee hole and butthole.
He put his pp in my v hole.
by Large boob May 22, 2020
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