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1. That which is ready and usable to post to the utube web site.

2. A piece of video consisting of a worthy content for potentially millions of eyes and or posterity.

3. An item of video of such horrificly embarasing situations that it has the potential to make the main subject crawl under a web rock and disapear from public life altogether.
Larry; So, that bit I got of Fester sneezing noseblow all over Sheila’s lunch is still on my phone, like I’m gunn’a ditch it.

Franklin; No way! Send it to me, man, that’s definitely utubeable in the epic sense.

Larry; Right you are! We’ll be famous, and Fester will disappear for life.

Franklin; Sweet, and Sheila will dump his ass faster than a hooker in skechers.
by the Toad January 14, 2011
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