1. Noun - Having a very good eye or random ability for something not possessed by the average person 2. Noun - Looking out for someone else, especially in a small to moderate jam or a generally "clutch" situation.
1. Person one: "Ah if I had 25 more cents I could get a large coffee. I have a credit card on me, but they don't can't take it, so I'll just settle for a medium coffee and be tired all day.
Person two: (digs in pocket) "I got ya brah" (throws down an extra quarter on the counter)
Person one: "Good utley!"

2. Person one: "Shit man, I got another bogus ticket from the PPA"
Person two: "Screw it man, I can photoshop a picture and get you out of paying it."
Person one: "Good utley! Fuck the PPA!"
by Dr. Solid January 12, 2011
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Self proclaimed smut, the gorgeous Chase Utley plays 2nd base for the Philadelphia Phillies. Voted dirtiest player in baseball by Sports Illustrated due to excessive dirt, grass stainage, pine tar and sometimes blood that end up on his uniform after every game, and catchers beware! He will take you out if you are in his way!! Most likely, that is not the only reason they call him dirty.
Phillies second baseman Chase Utley has put up some filthy numbers in 2006, proving he's more than just another pretty face in an ugly uniform.
by Evia August 09, 2006
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Dr. Bob Utley is a highly educated contemporary Bible teacher/preacher who is best known for his commentary series on the Bible. He teaches complicated passages in a comprehensible way. He remains humble and does his best to not definitively say something not definitive in the Bible. He stays true to the purpose of the Bible, that is the gospel, the good news at the center. Some of his works have been translated into 50 different languages.
Person A: Yo king, did you listen to the newest Bob Utley sermon? Person B: Yeah man, that shit was fire! Person A: Yeah, I feel a deeper worship for God and am more motivated to like get in the Word and pray and stuff. Person B: Yeah hoss, and like go out into the world demonstrating through word and deed, God's love for the people we talk to! Person A: Yeah outreach and evangelism are the most loving things we can do; you wanna go out and spread the good news to anyone willing to hear what we have to say? Person B: King, God put the same conviction in my heart as well; let's go!
by yaboidaniez September 20, 2020
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He is my local student librarian and he likes minecraft and he smells like beef
Hey Camel Utley did I ever tell you,you smell like beef
by yousmelllikebeef October 22, 2017
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When a professional baseball players does something illegal in a game that both causes his team to win and severely injures an opposing player
They should've lost. The catcher pulled an utley on us.
by mickturner October 12, 2015
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