2 definitions by Evia

1) A mix between a human and a fox.
When you walk through the woods and you here a rustling in the bushes. A fox pops out and runs after you. You get bit and a week later, you turn into a humox.
by Evia August 10, 2006
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Self proclaimed smut, the gorgeous Chase Utley plays 2nd base for the Philadelphia Phillies. Voted dirtiest player in baseball by Sports Illustrated due to excessive dirt, grass stainage, pine tar and sometimes blood that end up on his uniform after every game, and catchers beware! He will take you out if you are in his way!! Most likely, that is not the only reason they call him dirty.
Phillies second baseman Chase Utley has put up some filthy numbers in 2006, proving he's more than just another pretty face in an ugly uniform.
by Evia August 9, 2006
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