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The best friend and boyfriend you will ever have !! Honest,intelligent,smart and beautiful (inside and out). You can trust him. He will listen, take care of you and be your best friend.He has a unique personality i like it. HE is awesome!!!!
I wish I had a friend like Uros for ever.
by Zuxy January 12, 2012
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A word usually said to a guy or a gal who one finds attractive.
Also said to someone who is really fat or someone with a large butt
eg:she was a realy uro or she had alot of uro on her.
by Nixan July 08, 2006
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Ultima Ragnarok Online. A private MMORPG server that is operated by the one and only GM, CaptainMarvel. He has received large amount of income coming from player's donation, approximately 10000 dollars in 10 months. This server is nothing but to scam player's money and the owner will nerf anything to promote players to donate.
I hate uRO because the owner makes ridiculous password change fee and other sort of additional fees. So much for the server being "free".
by EvilOne September 23, 2004
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Unidentified Ridding Object (Pronounced EURO no relation to the money)
Used to describe a fly vehicle that hasn't been seen in the street before. Usually referred to newly released expensive, exotic, or foreign vehicles.

Origination: American-Trinidadian collabo
You gotta stack your paper to get a URO.
Damn, did you see that URO?
I got that new URO, son.
You never seen that URO before?
I gotta get a URO before I die.
That's a real swanky URO.
That URO is tight.
by milliondollaidea August 19, 2009
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The urethra opening or the opening of the penis.
The nurse inserted the catheter through John's uro.
by TJ March 12, 2004
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An ugly, smelly, narrow headed monster that lives in a cave across from a school. The head of this beast tends to be extrememly disfigured and vertical in nature. This creature tends to be socially awkward and can prove to be a major pip.
Fred: Hey, you hear about that party yesterday?
Bill: Ya man, I heard somebody was a huge Uros.
Fred: That uros was such a pain in the ass.
Bill: Thats what happens when you live in a cave and have a big head.
by davidle October 20, 2010
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