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The first level of ur mom gay insults.

ur mom gay
ur dad lesbian
ur sisters a mister
ur brothers actually ur mother
ur granny tranny
ur granpap a trap
ur crematorium a sematorium
ur ancestors incestors
ur family tree LGBT
george: ur mom gay
joe: ur dad lesbian
and so on and so forth lmao i aint gonna write that all over again.
by stopit_getsomehelp May 08, 2018
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May 18 Word of the Day
When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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Please dont use this on someone
Billy : Ur mom gay
You : Ur dad lesbian
*Billy Dies*
*Billys brother is mocking your family*
You : Ur family transgender
*He gets burned and becomes ashes*
*Billys father is mocking your country*
You : Ur country bisexual
*WW3 starts*

Please dont use this if you dont want WW3 to happen.
by Ur planet pedophile March 11, 2018
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One of the ultimate insults, can be reverted by the almighty "No u".
James: hey Alex ur mom gay
Alex: No u
James: *dies*
by Communist Fish December 11, 2020
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What a toxic twelve year old gamer says as an excuse for an insult
Toxic gamer: UR MOM GAY
Me: Yeah so what
Toxic gamer: Oh...
by WEEBLIT September 11, 2019
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ur mom gay: A term originating all the way back to the prehistoric times. It’s an ancient relic that translates to β€œI don’t like you”. This phrase takes your dislike for someone to the next level.
Alfredo: Your hair looks dumb, kid.
Me: Hey Alfredo, ur mom gay.
by Jeremiah Wildson February 04, 2018
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