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a 19 year old who regrets making mlg montages like "shrek has swag" and "mlg teletubies"
by MemeLord4063 November 04, 2016
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Pyrocynical is a furry who makes minecraft let's plays on vine.
Hey, have you watched Pyrocynical on vine?
What are you gay?
My name Jeff.
by RogueBanana February 09, 2017
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Pyrocynical is a popular YouTuber who once was a acclaimed montage parody creator, now he has moved onto gaming videos and reaction commentary videos. He follows a similar content style as LeafyIsHere and NFKRZ which helped his channel boom in the next few months. His content consist of choosing a funny, cringy, stupid, hopeless, weird, offensive, trending or ridiculous video (often suggested by his fans on the Pyrocynical Subreddit) and reacts to it in a satire way. His insults/roasts in his videos are NEVER meant serious and he explicitly tells his viewers NOT to send hate to the video in question. Often his comedic analysis/breakdown of the video is accompanied by gameplay footage that serves as a filler when he is not showing clips of the video in question.
Occasionally Pyro will upload gaming videos or gaming highlights accompanied by a commentary and hilarious editing + meme choice.

Pyrocynical has received many copyright claims from Sam Pepper and Riceman. He also has been involved in the H3H3 & Leafy and cyber bullying drama

Nicknames: Pyro, Nial, Fur Fag, Furry (keemstar), Mom, YouTube Sensation
Some memes he made popular: Small loan of a million dollars, The Dinkster, RMW Wow I'm going to see it, Big Smoke's Ohhhhhh, WHAT IS THIS?, fat (a reply to kys comments)
Bloke 1: Mate, have you seen Pyrocynical's new vid, it's edgy as fuck!
Bloke 2: Surely I did mate, pretty funny stuff the guy is the meme lord of YouTube
Bloke 3: kys leefy is baeee
Bloke 1&2: fat
by Donald Trump <3 xoxoxo May 14, 2016
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A sad vietnamese kid that plays minecraft on a ibm computer for bread.
A: You're such a Pyrocynical
B: No i'm not!
via giphy
by Sealover3000iq May 23, 2018
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Pyroยทcynical (noun) A YouTube sensation who makes reviews on cringy videos. His most famous review was his "SMALL LOAN OF A MILLION DOLLARS" review, which, much like Leafy's reptilian phase, broke out over the internet. Going in many comment sections, etc
Leafy: "Pyrocynical, your a faggot"
Pyrocynical: "fock off cyka bagoujue"
by A pyrocynical/leafy fanfag August 08, 2016
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If you down loaded 100GB of porn onto a pen drive, shoved it up a minions arse, made it watch two donkeys having sex, filmed all of it and then put it on YouTube, pyrocynical would be the result. He also happens to be a YouTuber
Donald trumps anal rectum was penetrated by PYROCYNICAL.
by King_Toe$ April 17, 2016
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