a 19 year old who regrets making mlg montages like "shrek has swag" and "mlg teletubies"
by MemeLord4063 November 5, 2016
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Pyrocynical is a furry who makes minecraft let's plays on vine.
Hey, have you watched Pyrocynical on vine?
What are you gay?
My name Jeff.
by RogueBanana February 10, 2017
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So guys, we did it, we hit a quarter of a million Thanos Cars.
pyrocynical would be used if you were referring to furries, or even cat in the hat.
by Idon'tmakerealposts October 13, 2018
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Pyrocynical is a popular YouTuber who once was a acclaimed montage parody creator, now he has moved onto gaming videos and reaction commentary videos. He follows a similar content style as LeafyIsHere and NFKRZ which helped his channel boom in the next few months. His content consist of choosing a funny, cringy, stupid, hopeless, weird, offensive, trending or ridiculous video (often suggested by his fans on the Pyrocynical Subreddit) and reacts to it in a satire way. His insults/roasts in his videos are NEVER meant serious and he explicitly tells his viewers NOT to send hate to the video in question. Often his comedic analysis/breakdown of the video is accompanied by gameplay footage that serves as a filler when he is not showing clips of the video in question.
Occasionally Pyro will upload gaming videos or gaming highlights accompanied by a commentary and hilarious editing + meme choice.

Pyrocynical has received many copyright claims from Sam Pepper and Riceman. He also has been involved in the H3H3 & Leafy and cyber bullying drama

Nicknames: Pyro, Nial, Fur Fag, Furry (keemstar), Mom, YouTube Sensation
Some memes he made popular: Small loan of a million dollars, The Dinkster, RMW Wow I'm going to see it, Big Smoke's Ohhhhhh, WHAT IS THIS?, fat (a reply to kys comments)
Bloke 1: Mate, have you seen Pyrocynical's new vid, it's edgy as fuck!
Bloke 2: Surely I did mate, pretty funny stuff the guy is the meme lord of YouTube
Bloke 3: kys leefy is baeee
Bloke 1&2: fat
by Donald Trump <3 xoxoxo May 8, 2016
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A youtuber who's still hasn't make Petscop 2 video.

likes to bully kids, laughs at cat falling off wheelchair meme.

his subs rivalry - morgz fucking mom.

get out there and sub to pyro or he'll game-end you
7yr boi: I got bullied today :'(((
Me: omg that's bad, who bullied you?
7yr boi: Pyrocynical
by peeisstoredinballs May 19, 2020
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Pyrocynical is a YouTuber with a following of ~2,000,000 subscribers as of 11/5/2017. His main genre of content revolves around commentary style videos in which he discusses his views on current trends and drama, gaming let's plays such as the game Black Mesa, skits such as his adored Shrek has Swag series, and his insightful "mini documentaries," similar to his traditional commentary videos but more in depth with details, more exquisite video effects, and have a video length of around 50 minutes to 1 hour

His theme which he decorates his channel resembles the retro neon feel of the 1980s, and his mascot is a fox, wearing similarly styled clothes, with a TV acting as a mask. Though his avatar picture and banner change from time to time, often not incorporating the original theme, he is still recognized under it. His distinct video outro song, Whitewoods - Beachwalk (Artist - Name), is also a direct image of Pyrocynical, however it must be stated he only uses it, and had nothing with the making of the song. The attire of Pyrocynical usually consists of a hat of some sort, but it doesn't happen every video, and tinted glasses which reflect his desktop and his ring light.

Many people believe Pyrocynical is a "Leafy clone," a copy of Leafy. He is also identified with his sexuality as lesbian, although from his videos where he uses camera footage instead of gameplay, you can clearly see he is a male. His nationality is British, race is White, sexuality is uncertain.
Pyrocynical is cancer. Pyrocynical is not a Leafy clone.
by Astropiova November 5, 2017
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