some one your friend sleeps with or a come back to literally any thing
you:i just ate pizza
me:i just ate your cousin
by Unknown_Entity November 11, 2018
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An insult to trump ur dad lesbian. If used, all life forms in a 10 mile surrounding area will spontaneously combust. To be only used under dire circumstances
Carl: Ur mum gay lol

Jamal: Ur dad lesbian lmao

Carl: ur cousin fuckin roflmao

Both parties and anyone in the near vicinity combust without warning
by Gamingcausesautism March 12, 2018
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worse than "ur son a nun" and the second deadliest insult.
Saying this increases the size of the black hole in the center of the galaxy.
Per. 1: Ur mom gay.
Per. 2: Ur dad lesbian.
Per. 1: Ur granny tranny.
Per. 2: Ur granpap a trap.
Per. 1: Ur fukin sister's a mister!
Per. 2: Bitch, ur son a nun!
Per. 1: U-ur...
Per. 2: Me what pussy? What?
Per. 1: Ur cousin a muslim!
Per. 2: *explodes*
Earth: Fuck.
Sun: Fuck
by Anonymous<Incognito Man April 21, 2018
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more powerful than thay soul stone.this word is used by the most pwerful men that have a IQ of 123457372
Lil kid:u mum gay
tyrone:ur daddy lesbian
tyler:ur granny tranny
donky:ur sister a mister
mike:ur brother mother
me:ur cousin a muffin
*world explodes and burns like a plastic bag*
by e diffs fg March 22, 2018
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The most deadly diss ever to exist in man kind and totally cancels out “ur mom gay” “your dad lesbian” and “your granny tranny”.
Joe: ur mom gay lol
Steve: ur dad lesbian haha
Joe: Your cousin fucks dozens
Steve: chokes on a rock and fucking dies
by Skrttttt March 20, 2018
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The worst insult that can ever be used against another human. All other insults naming family members and sexuality fall miles short in destructive capcity
You:”ur granny tranny
Me:”stfu ur cousin asexual
You:*time freezes as your entire being witnesses forces only known in the big bang*
by TheEggBoy March 14, 2018
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worse than ur mom gay and ur dad lesbian and on the same level as ur granny tranny
Normies: ur mom gay AND ur dad lesbian
d4nk m3m3r$: ok but ur granny tranny and ur cousin non binary
by donthekkinworryaboutit March 11, 2018
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