The realist friend you could ask for . Usually destined for greatness. Athletic and great in bed .
Her: When’s your birthday?
Him: August 13
Her: (Oh yeah I want you)

Oh that’s cool
by RealestDictionary October 16, 2019
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literally the birthdate of the most precious, adorable, sweetest and talented guy from NCT Dream
Today is August 13, it's Jaemin day!
by doongs July 31, 2021
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The person born on this day is the most beautiful and the kindest person you‘ll ever meet. They’re loving and caring and super good in bed.
Him: when is your birthday?
Her: August 13th
Him: OMG I want you
by Micropenis1337 November 11, 2019
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The person with the biggest dick was born
I was born August 13
by XxDatruthXx October 17, 2019
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On August 13 The The Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World was signed in Madison Square Garden. 20,000 people were in attendance. It made Red, Black, and Green the colors of Africans at home and abroad.
Will you be seen wearing Red, Black and Green on August 13?
by Bendera Ya Taifa April 24, 2021
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hot august leo

people born on 13 august tend be a very realistic person when it comes to decisions and yet still be a pretty daydreamer

they got misunderstood a lot and can be the greatest friend you'll ever ask for.

realistic , gorgeous , loyal , kind , humble , so fabulous , a great human and a blessing to humanity
when is your birthday?
oh , august 13
oh , wow thats such a great date and august leos are hot lol
by theirprettiestfriendfr November 24, 2021
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