A term used to describe turning a playing card 90 degrees left or right in the card game Magic: The Gathering, returning the card to it's original vertical position.

Reverse acion of tap.

see also: tap
Make sure you untap your cards at the begining of your turn.
by Malvar November 23, 2003
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the act of untapping something. the opposite of tap.
"she told the bartender to untap the keg." or "i went to untap the maple tree."
by evan11 September 4, 2008
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Adjective describing a female not suitable for or not available for sexual intercourse.
Yeah, she won the Kentucky Oaks, but she can't possibly make a good brood mare; after all, she's Untapable.
by midwesterndude May 3, 2014
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Having not hooked up with someone your "together" with while out with people
You and a boy/girl haven't hooked up yet but you go to a party. Since the boy/girl your with hasn't done anything with you they have no claim over you and they can hook up with anyone at the party
by Katie May 6, 2005
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A resource that is rich in valuable/enjoyable infomation but is also not acknowledged or noticed as much as it should.
When searching for great songs: "That Boyce Avenue (band) is such an untapped resource"

"Damn mate, that group of girls is an untapped resource! Get in there!"

"Dude this place is tapped! That other bar was an untapped resource (of girls),
by Chester Poppyfield June 14, 2011
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The turn structure of Beginning of Turn in Magic the Gathering, usually said quick to signal what's going on. Also used as chain of word to help new players remember that you untap before you draw.
untap upkeep draw, go to main phase, cast Lava Spike targeting you, does it resolve?
by Big Lupu June 28, 2017
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