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The thing YouTube content creators say in then end of their videos before asking the viewer to Like & Subscribe if they found the content pleasing. Many content creators do it by habit.
When you here "as always" at the end of the YouTube video, it's time to close the vid.

As always, my name is (Insert name here), thank you for watching, please remember to like and subscribe...

as always...
by Big Lupu June 28, 2017
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Batman versus Superman, a movie that came out in Spring 2016
We watched BvS on last weekend, and it was only ok
by Big Lupu May 29, 2016
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Twitch stream that you watch while your favorite stream is offline.
Hipatthen is my Side twitch, I watch him play HotS when SCG ins't streaming Legacy or Vintage or when Khaldor of is offline.
by Big Lupu February 8, 2016
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The turn structure of Beginning of Turn in Magic the Gathering, usually said quick to signal what's going on. Also used as chain of word to help new players remember that you untap before you draw.
untap upkeep draw, go to main phase, cast Lava Spike targeting you, does it resolve?
by Big Lupu June 28, 2017
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