Ullu means an owl, but it is also used for a stupid person.
Oh ,Really? Do you think me to be so much ullu as to believe in him?
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see ulu

means "Owl" ... used an as insult in south asia. especially with puttha
Ullu ka puttha -- son of an owl
by abarjiga March 7, 2007
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ullu ka patha/ patta/ phatta meaning Son of an owl literally but used to call someone a fool
He is an ullu ka patha.
That ullu ka patha is my brother.
by Urban Indian September 18, 2013
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Also interpreted as 'a friend of' . Ullo means owl literally and anyone so addressed is implied to be foolish. Thus a friend of one is also implied to be as foolish if not more :)
Essentially a Hindi/Urdu phrase common in northern India:
tum hara kya kehna , tum to ullu ka patha ho!
by pyaasi churail March 6, 2016
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