To remove all traces of someone or something from a website.
BoingBoing, despite having railed against censorship many times, decided to unpublish all of Violet Blue's work for reasons unknown.
by Bill (Hulk) Bixby July 1, 2008
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That big yellow button next to your definitions
Don’t unpublish your definitions unless it’s about s** or says s*** or f*** or a**
by yeltsA kciR June 4, 2021
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When you write a definition on urban dictionary and want to take it off. However the webpage designer placed the button in a very misleading spot, so if you have more than one definition you have to be cautious which one is really being unpublished.
It’s not hard to unpublish a word of urban dictionary, however it can be tricky unpublishing the correct one.
by no air bags we die like men April 12, 2023
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Stupid fucking urban dictionary never published my definitions. FUCK YOU STUPID URBAN DICTIONARY
Unpublished definitions
by I hate pee August 4, 2020
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an unpublished defenition is wasted time
wow once again i wasted my time on an unpublished defenition
by originalnugman April 28, 2019
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When you go to your profile and you just see your definitions. But you wanted to go to delete one.

So sad why.
bro: This definition is so bad, Soon, I will just unpublish this. Bro

bro 2: Ok, bro

pls do not dislike
by someone else thats not u fan October 8, 2021
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What you say when your parents ask you what your reading you say that your reading Unpublished storys from independent writers online.

But your really reading gay porn

Also known as (yaoi smutty fanfiction)
Mom: "hey hon, what's that your reading?"

You: "oh, I'm reading unpublished storys from independent writers online.
by RollingPotato November 16, 2017
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