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The state or quality of being unique. Uniqueness.
Your Aunt Belle-- Now, SHE had a way of doing things. None like her hereabouts. The way she dressed, she had a uniquity to her. Turned a lot of heads.
by Bilham June 16, 2011
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an item, skill, or talent that only pertain to one person in a group.

Often used in an icebreaker to help individuals find out how they are unique within their group.
First students will describe their commonalities, traits they all share; then they will brainstorm at least one uniquity they alone possess.
by L1ndyHopper November 29, 2010
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Uniquities are the equity derived from human variation. It is the study of what makes an individual truly independent from society and how to turn that person into a contributing member of society. Very intricate, 1000 times more so than stocks and derivatives. People have a great capacity to be unique and creative; utilize it.
Uniquities taught me that if I value sex, I should make a respectful art of it and never abuse it. Some others may fear it, it's my duty to understand and respect that viewpoint and never oppress my thoughts on anyone under the assumption of my worth being greater than theirs.

Uniquities taught me how to find my musical funk so I can play with it.

My Uniquities are valued at a big house, a big TV, and a Smokin' HOTT wife that can't be touched.
by Daddy Duh Lish January 10, 2011
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