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A series of short youtube videos created by the Hodge-Stansson filmmaking crew.

A one-man show filmed in black-and-white, Unforgivable documents the struggle of a young black male named "Ricky" who retells the story of his day to the cameraman.

Ricky, so it seems, can be quite aggressive and angry (I'm pissed off a lil' bit!!!) , and sometimes turns unloyal to his friends (I'm turning on my own niggas!) and violent towards his love interests (I slapped that bitch so fast...said, "I ain't tryin' to hear that!")

Ricky also enjoys taking drugs ("Smoked a bag of meth!!!" "Let's do some oxy's now, bitch!")

The end of almost every video is where Ricky says, "Unforgivable."

There are currently 8 full-length authentic Unforgivable videos: Unforgivables 1-4 (the original and BY FAR the best,) Unforgivables 5 and 6, "Unforgivable A" and "Unforgivable Formula C."
Did you see that Hodge-Stansson posted a new Unforgivable video?
by zjh_2002 August 11, 2010
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"Farm nigga." A young person (most likely a male) from a rural or farm-based region who tries to act like they are part of the "gangsta" or "hip-hop" culture. Usually used to refer to whites, but it could be applied to blacks as well (or any race, for that matter.) Figgas try to rap all the lyrics to rap songs, but they tend to remember only cuss words, drug references, or racial slurs in the song. They buy gangsta-looking clothes from Wal-Mart or Kohl's, or if they are really feeling spendy, they will stop at the Finish Line and buy some gangsta-looking gear. They have no friends who are truly "gangsta" and even if they are black, all their friends are probably white. They might get their ass kicked if they say the wrong thing or are wearing the wrong thing in an actual big city.
Johnny is supposed to bail hay, but he took the day off to watch 'Boys N' tha Hood' again. He's such a figga.
by zjh_2002 August 11, 2010
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