1 definition by 3M!LY !$ FR3$H

a series about a very aggresive and hilarious black man on youtube. he tells about his day with bitches, hoes, and cunts. he also enjoys chicken sandwhiches and waffle fries, but only if it's FO FREE!
-nigga dozed off real quick.
-i will slit ya throat err to err.
-get me a chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries,fo'free. bitch turned around asked me what i wanted to drink, i said get me a docta peppa bitch!
-bitch, you ain't no nerd!
-gimme dat v-card!
-my hand - your face, or my gun - your mouth!
-i knocked the braces outta her mouff.
-thats unforgivable!

*thats all i can think of (:
by 3M!LY !$ FR3$H January 4, 2009
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