A person who evaluates risk for an insurance company. Underwriters are typically underpaid, underappreciated, and have to endure a lot of corporate politics. Their job often involves having to rate policies and performing other unpopular tasks.
"You know, Bob, that person seems to have an ability to be cold, impersonal, and downright mean, all while towing the company line. I think he would be a good underwriter."
by Insurance Man April 04, 2006
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A sophisticated name for a data entry clerk, so they won't feel like they are just low skilled individuals.
the underwriter at geico insurance is really a data entry clerk, all they do all day is enter data into the computer.
by mitchell schulz January 17, 2008
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(FINANCE) a person or entity that lends money to someone else by creating securities and selling them. In commercial milieux, this is investment banking, and the most famous investment bank is Goldman Sachs. Another major investment bank is Morgan Stanley.

Most major countries have a ministry of the treasury, or ministry of finance, that issues bonds for the government and is responsible for selling them to raise money for government borrowing. These are treasury securities.
Peter Warburg was an underwriter who helped "design" the Usonian federal reserve system.
by Abu Yahya May 05, 2010
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A person who evaluates and mitigates risk for financial institutions. Underwriters are often under appreciated, underpaid punching bags for loan officers, processors. Often times they also become scape goats for upper management. Underwriters are also considered the most hated and vile beings within the lending world.
After asking for further documentation, the loan officer proceeded to the office of the mortgage underwriter and beat her with the stack of documents she requested and then urinated on her.
by Ldysc January 24, 2018
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