An RPG game by indie developer Toby "Radiation" Fox. There are multiple paths to take, with even more endings. Be sure to do pacifist first, then neutral, and THEN genocide. Intricate plot line, clever jokes, it's got it all.
Hey, I just bought Undertale, and I'm gonna do genocide first!
You do that, I'll break your fucking neck.
by DaveStriderEatsFigs January 8, 2016
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An new indie game that was just like any other game, has a story, has characters, and was not intended to really be anything more than just a game. Until the community around said game turned into pure cancer, and i do not use this word lightly. And if you are one of the few people who actually dislike the game and its community you might as well be a Jewish citizen in Nazi Germany, if they find out, they will give you hell. And they will not stop
I have not gone more than a day without hearing mention of undertale.
by Not Puckish January 2, 2016
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God's fucking gift to humanity. The community is a little overhype though.
A: Bro, have you played Undertale? It's the best game ever!
B: Of course. Now shut the fuck up.
by Phizle March 18, 2016
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Undertale is a game made by Toby Fox, it's an RPG game with great soundtrack, locations and bosses.
If you haven't, play it.
Three routes, pacifist, genocide and neutral.
Huge fandom.
Bill:Dude, you should play undertale, It's a great game.
Josh:No. Never.
by UnderLoverCall911 July 30, 2016
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I promise to remember Sans when someone makes a joke

I promise to remember Papyrus when someone makes spaghetti.

I promise to remember Undyne whenever I want to feel brave

I promise to remember Alphys when someone is talking nerd junk and anime.

I promise to remember Toriel when making a pie

I promise to remember Napstablook whenever I feel like trash.

I promise to remember Mettaton when I'm on stage.

I promise to remember Asgore whenever I'm around flowers.

I promise to remember Flowey when I call someone an idiot.

I promise to remember Omega Flowey when someone tries to scare me.

I promise to remember Asriel whenever I cry.

I promise to remember Frisk when making a poker face.

I promise to remember Chara when I really want to fight someone

True Undertale fans would repost this

Others will not

Stay Determined My Child

Normal peoples say get rekt, we say get dunked on.

Normal peoples say go to Hell, we say Kids like you should be burning in Hell

Normal peoples say do you wanna go? we say Do you wanna have a bad time?

Normal people are afraid of monsters in their closets, We're protected by ours.

Normal kids watch cartoons, we watch anime

Normal peoples Think computers are for instant message, we think they're for programming robots.

Normal peoples think shipping is stupid, we think it's a way of life.

Normal peoples will ignore this, Undertale fans will repost
by confirmed undertrash July 5, 2018
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A game that is one of the best ever made. It is created by Toby Fox and Temmie Chang. It has a great storyline, music, characters, but not the best fandom. It is almost always at war with the FNaF fandom or is being jammed with bad fanart. It's a great game though! There are many AUs like Underswap, Underfell, ErrorTale, Flowertale, Gaster...Um...He is just Gaster Sans I think but, ya! Amazing game, okay great AUs, sometimes nice Fanart, but a not-so-good fandom.
UNDERTALE is an amazing game.
Where are the knives?
by SkyBerry April 19, 2016
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Cancer, Polonium (Deadliest toxic), Leukemia (Blood cancer) or Ischemic. A cancerous mistake made by Toby, Known for it's poloniumous fanbase and characters. The most overrated thing ever in history, Also can be noted as the worst thing in history.
"Hey, what could be better than undertale?"
"Pffft everything is better than undertale cause its the worst thing in history"
by The one whose never wrong June 11, 2016
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