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An adventure RPG made by indie developer Toby Fox. It has a diverse and engaging storyline that has many paths to follow, and many endings as a result.
Hey, you should try genocide for your first play on undertale!
Nah man, fuck that. Pacifist has a better ending you dickwad.
by ArmedDolphin January 01, 2016

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CS:GO A tactical first person shooter made by Valve. This game consists of using teamwork to complete objectives. Weapon skins are also a key factor in the game. These skins show status, and dedication in the game. This is because some skins are more appealing and attractive than others. Weapon skins can have a price ranging from under a dollar to over 400 dollars. Weapon skins are achieved my opening random skin cases or purchasing them off the steam marketplace.
'Hey, check out my redline!' 'Hah, my Vulcan makes that look like garbage.'

'2 A 3 B'

'ArmedDolphin is a great AWPer.'

'CS:GO is to be taken seriously.'
by ArmedDolphin February 03, 2015

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A year that is for some reason being defined in the year 2016. This year was also the year President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, MLK was arrested and the Vietnam War the current main conflict in the world at the time.

Seriously though this site has been around for over 10 years why has this not been defined until now?
"1963 was an okay year."

"Your dear old gramps was twelve years old in the year 1963."
by ArmedDolphin July 03, 2016

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