I'm an undertaler, too.
by Dogaahs April 17, 2016
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A game that got widely famous and the community became hell. it's a rpg game with a bullet hell grid where you can spare ANYONE.
by LagannSpiral December 7, 2015
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An adventure RPG made by Toby Fox where if you kill anyone, insult Sans, or insult the soundtrack, the entire fucking fandom will want your head.
Person: "UNdErtALe's sOUnDtrAck SuCKs"

The Entire Fandom: *angry Megalovaina noises*
by TheCrazyCrafter23 October 21, 2019
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A game that was made by few people. Broke the hearts of many more. Has an extremely amazing soundtrack. Graphics are 8-bit, (or 16, IDK) an old style but Toby Fox (creator) makes it work perfectly. Flat out the best game. Three main types of endings : "Feels ending" (Pacifist) "Almost/Sad Ending" (Neutral) and "Spooky" Ending (Genocide)
A : I can't sleep now.
B : Why?
A : Genocide ending in Undertale
B : Bummer.
by Sydosys (Devon/DrummerVW) March 31, 2016
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A pretty good rpg game with a great soundtrack and ok characters. The game also has an extremely cancerous fandom and idk why my name is UndertaleFag when I don't associate with that community.
"Hey have you played Undertale?"
"Yeah, it's pretty good but it's fandom's AIDS"
"True true"
by UndertaleFandomSucksAss July 10, 2017
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A Game with a pretty great storyline and great gameplay,

Has a horrible community, full of 12 year olds.
by ThatRandomPizza January 7, 2017
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An RPG game made by Toby Fox with a terrifying fandom. The game itself is good but fan fiction and alternate universes ruined it.
Undertale is great, but have you heard of Undertail? Or maybe even Sans fangirls?
by An insignificant person April 2, 2018
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