Meme game made by indie developer Toby Fox. Undertale became such a big hit that Toby's now swimming in cash and laughing at the retards who spent millions in making a game that sold less than his.
by KajurN November 24, 2015
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A fucking awesome game based off, Earthbound. Realeased 9/15/15. This game has many secrets such as... W.D. Gaster (spr_mysteryman_1, spr_mysteryman_2, spr_mysteryman_3) and the lava guy room (i like to call them "Lava Guys"), Napstablook's house (dont know where its located), and the room that represents Toby Fox, the creater of the game.
"No mom, im playing Undertale! Sans is kicking my butt right now!"
by that_skeleton_guy_sans December 17, 2015
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A game created by Toby Fox, where you star as a human in an underground society full of monsters. You can spare, or kill your enemies, which teaches people you don't have to murder everyone!

There are three routes.

Pacifist is where you spare everyone and no one dies at all, (Which is honestly the best ending.)
Genocide is where you murder everyone in the underground, which results in a lot more sobbing and feels if you play it after pacifist.
Neutral is where you killed a few and spared most, so like the middle man.
Girl: OMG! Have you heard of Undertale?! It's SUCH a good game!
Girl 2: Never heard of it,
Girl: BITCH! GET OVER HERE! *Tackles*
by OnyxQV December 23, 2015
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An RPG game made by Toby Fox. It also has the weirdest fandom.
The Undertale fanbase is wierd. It's literally child porn when you Google Undertale.
by Γ²wΓ³ ΓΉwΓΊ March 14, 2020
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An adventure RPG made by Toby Fox where if you kill anyone, insult Sans, or insult the soundtrack, the entire fucking fandom will want your head.
Person: "UNdErtALe's sOUnDtrAck SuCKs"

The Entire Fandom: *angry Megalovaina noises*
by TheCrazyCrafter23 October 20, 2019
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An RPG game made by Toby Fox, has the bullet-hell style but also has one of the worst communities people ever known, making so much hate to it. The storyline is fine though. The acronym is UT(UnderTale).
UT player: Yo, you played Undertale?
Someone: No.
Ut player: You should try it out!
by r1dfgamez August 24, 2018
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