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Means Christmas Day. A Natascha is a beautiful girl whom others are envious. Almost angel like, the boys can't help but be attracted to her beauty and soft heart. Usually hated by the other women because of their jealousy, she becomes a target of slander by the girls. Sweet, caring, intelligent and witty a Natascha is sure to brighten your day. A Natascha is always good at making love and is the perfect mate. Born with a natural ability to draw others to her, she is definitely a leader and will always be successful despite the haters that cross her path.
"I wish I could be a Natascha."
by Don'tuwishuwereme February 03, 2010
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A badass minigun that makes even a scout go the speed of a heavy once the enemy is dead the heavy who has killed said enemy just to add insult to injury they will throw a sandvich on the corps of the said enemy.
(Heavy weapons guy)NO!
(Scout)Hey maybe ill take Natascha out for a stake dinner tonight.
(Heavy Weapons guy)*Fires only like 1000$ of bullets at scout*
(Scout)This sucks on i...*Dies*\
(Heavy)You did very well.
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A rocking chick who oops, sucks dick on accident :(. She can be shy at first you know that in the sheets she'll turn into a freak. No seriously, she will turn into a kinky mother fucker, she's open to anything. Will fuck girls, guys, everything really. She really wants a dick so that when she has her period she can aim it at people she hates :)
Mate: Ah shit bro look there's Natascha, I wanna get her in my room. I've been wanting to try out shitting on eachother and shes down for anything so..

You: Go for it man, I've had a Natascha and I ain't ever turning back
by Sucked dick on accident :( March 14, 2019
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