a person who is unlikely to win in a competition or is at a disadvantage
He was the underdog but he came out on top anyway.
by The Return of Light Joker October 26, 2008
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The UNDERDOG is a player or a soldier that was or is under and still fighting.
by oz April 12, 2004
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An underdog is something that always seems to be trailing behind, but not always as bad as what’s more popular. Often times when an underdog becomes more know, people new to it tend to cram it down your throat and preach to you how much better it is then everything else. They will also go on Urban Dictionary and write definitions about how great it is, and trash everything else.
Random FireFox User:
OMG everyone says FireFox Ownz, and its the underdog also, so it must be good. Anyone who doesn't have Firefox is a stupid nubzor. All you little nub kids need to get it now! I don't even know why it's good, everyone else told me it was.
by HollywoodKnight October 9, 2005
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An old expression from the Australian bush. Before sawmills made their appearance, felled logs were dragged to a saw-pit and cut lengthwise into planks by two men using a cross-cut saw, a mean beast of a thing up to 10 feet long. One man would stand on top of the log and push down, and the man underneath standing in the pit - the underdog - would push the saw up.

A rotten job, with sawdust in your eyes all day and really hard work compared to the top dog who just had to push the saw down. The boss never saw how hard this man worked, so he was less likely to get a better job, a pay rise or be noticed at all.

Now an underdog is someone - or something which is going to struggle against superior odds to win a contest.
The new Vegetarians Party will always be the underdog in Texan elections.
by plonk o'clock April 3, 2014
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Maybe the underdog I know is based on the underdog from the 60's, but the one I'm familliar with was on Nickelodeon, and also spoke in rhymes. He was a cartoon dog, and I think he had a cape.
"There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!" - phrase from virtually every preview/ad for the show.
by bandcampgirl183 September 16, 2005
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The person (usually male during gay sex) who is receiving whilst in the doggy position.
Me and Fred had sex last night. I normally give so it was a change to be the underdog.
by j_graham June 9, 2011
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when you take your boner and you tuck it between your legs so it sticks out and you masterbate
hey MOTT what are you doing^
sweet me tooooo....
by jon demers May 16, 2007
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