A boy/girl who is good enough to hook up with but you would never make your boyfriend/girlfriend.

-You just hook up and never actually get to know the poor thing. And if it ever wanted to get to know you, you wouldn't give it a chance because it's the underdog.
underdog: that hook up was amazing, wanna date me?
trainer: uh.. no. i just like making out with you.
(the trainer would not date the underdog because for whatever reason the underdog is not bf/gf material. but it is acceptable to make out with it.)
by underdogtrainer. March 16, 2011
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a gang in Brisbane, Australia, a mix between the warriors and a 'hood gang.
hey, did you see the underdogs tag in the park.
by Rembrandt97 October 10, 2008
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When someone (usually a male) hangs upside down while someone else does either one of the following given:
1) Gives you a blowjob
2) Gives you a handjob
3) Fists you. Usually associated with homosexuals.
When a female hangs upside down and you insert your dick in her vagina.
Guy 1," Get on the monkey bars and get into an underdog!"
Girl1 -"Orrr, You can get into an underdog and I can give you pleasure."

Guy 2 -"hey, can you get into an underdog?"

Guy 3 -"Sure."
by theguyinthecornerXX October 07, 2010
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A WONDER FULL person that does nightcore and has an amazing discord and YouTube channel that does nightcore
karren-ugh my daughter listens to this idiot call U N D E R D O G S instead of Christian music
janet-oh thats a shame...
daughter-f u mom they're the best you just don't understand!!
via giphy
by blue amber September 05, 2019
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Someone that votes for the person to that has less chance to win a competetion. Just for fun, personality, or equality/balance
Mike tyson vs someone random lame guy.

Guy1: hey. Mike tyson is a champion. Everyone knows that. Im going to vote for him.

Underdog:Im going to vote for the lame random guy.
by TheTellerius August 15, 2016
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Nickname for Cyrus Goodman, given by Thelonious Jagger Kippen
Cyrus: "Hey, not-so-scary-basketball-guy!"
TJ: "Hey, underdog!"
by biggerthanmycountry June 23, 2020
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