you're sitting on the couch eating a bowl of pop corn and watching star wars and your spouse comes running in front of you with a cape and assless chaps on and releases explosive diahrea's on your face...then your partner runs away screaming ,"UP UP AND AWAAAAY!!!!"
"oh shit my wife just gave me the underdog ...WHILE I WAS WATCHING CONAN!!!...then she flew away like a boy wonder!!!"
by shithead mcgee June 12, 2007
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A man sits on a woman's face and she licks the underside of his penis.
Jacquella, I'm really jonesing for an underdog.
by Captain Stooben May 9, 2010
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To superman a girl in a bathroom with toilet paper.
I underdogged that chick at the bar the other night, and since she was wearing a spaghetti strap everyone could see her cape when she came out of the bathroom.
by Superman Dat Hoe December 22, 2007
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The act of applying a Wendy's Frosty upwards into the recipient's taint while administering a handjob in the parking lot.
"Randy picked up some chick at Putt-Putt, treated her to the late night Wendy's drive thru, and was rewarded with a Frosty Underdog. What a pimp."
by World of Girth October 1, 2014
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the underdog favorite - an oxymoron that describes a person, or group of people that are expected to win an event simply because they have gained popularity by being a surprise contestant.

For example:
The Indianapolis Colts became the underdog favorite to win the Superbowl after defeating two heavily favoured opponents to become AFC champions.
Jennifer Hudson was kicked off of American Idol, but when on to act in "Dreamgirls" and eventually became the underdog favorite to win the award for Best Supporting Actress.
by Scott Wood - Film Critic February 27, 2007
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When a girl is riding a man reverse cowgirl and begins licking his butthole simultaneously. This is normally performed by unusually talented slutty gymnasts.
Hey bro, Remember that time when Shannon Miller came over and reverse underdog'd you? I can't believe she was riding your cock and licking your asshole at the same time.. No wonder she won the gold medal.
by Burk the Bully January 7, 2014
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