A pit in my stomach from doing something bad or wrong and regretting it because its not you.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd August 3, 2020
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A two-issue comic series from Jhonen Vasquez, focusing on Devi from JTHM's struggles as a comic book artist against a wall of ignorant editors (probably reflecting Nickelodeon's attitude to Invader Zim) and her rather unfortunate lovelife. Also features a cameo from Nny.

By the way, whisper it, it's his best (comic) work to date. Now go squeeze your Mister Spooky!
Tenna: "Soooo, how's your spleen?"
Devi: "It's doin' good."
Tenna: "Now that I've guided you into a more casual state of mind with my ninja-like precision, you wanna tell me what's wrong?"
by OD Smith March 24, 2005
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When you love someone in your life so much, and there are other girls or guys that like them too. It's the feeling that they don't exactly "love" you. This feeling doesn't ever go away because of how rediculously jealous you are. Your scared for your fucking life that they like the other person instead of you, but down deep you know they love you.
I am worrying that I'll lose the only guy that matters to me and getting that same old sick feeling of love.

Make this sick feeling of love go away. I need to stop worrying over nothing.
by That 1 girl October 25, 2006
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