an uncle that fucked up and violated his probation. Uncle jim is also known for taking it in his ass in the prison showers.
uncle jim is taking it in the showers today

Bubba: u better get on your knees uncle jim
uncle jim: no please not today
bubba: u were bad today now take it
by BUBBANIGGER July 31, 2008
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A play on the term Uncle Tom. An Uncle Jim is a white person who blindly and pathetically screeches for rights for races other than their own & hates racism, whilst being hypocritical to their cause and act extremely racist to white people. People of colour just think they’re embarrassing and would rather not deal with them.
Miles Morales feels so good playing with the swagger of a black teen” - IGN

Black person: “christ alive that was pathetic. That guys an uncle jim
by OceansAteDaedra October 16, 2021
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A very kind uncle that has a money farm.
He's an Uncle Jim.
by Cappuccinoo June 21, 2023
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Your roblox girlfriend and the guy that looks at u creepily stares at you when you have a family ruenion.
Person 1 "Whos that?"
Person 2 "Oh that is just uncle Jim"
by ihavegianntpp January 20, 2021
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Uncle Jim is your uncle.
Oh my gosh! Uncle Jim, what are you doing here? >:3
by banqtan luhv November 29, 2018
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To go to a smoking spot and consume large amounts of cannabis. Usually through glass pipes and bongs.
Dude 1: Yo son, last night at the party, nearly 30 people went upstairs and were visiting uncle Jim for, like, an hour.

Dude 2: Damn dude, wish I was there.
by Baron_Samedi May 18, 2010
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A person who supports poorly run organizations but argues that they are "light-years ahead". They then take on the name "Uncle Big Jim"
Jimjig: The San Francisco Giants are such an amazing team. Their farm system is ranked 30th in the MLB and they are 3.5 games behind the wild card.
Wise Vahe: Oh don't be preposterous Jimjig, they will never catch up to the Almighty Los Angeles Dodgers who God has blessed then with World Series victories from 2019 to infinity.
Jimjig: Well let's go Dodgers!
Wise Vahe: What an Uncle Big Jim.
by Hayastan03 July 17, 2019
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