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To repeatedly (in a repetitious manour) check your electronic device for likes, re tweets, or similar notifications
Tania was continually seeking digital validation even whist out for a drink with the girls
by Bob_bob March 31, 2015
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Tatsat is a person in an insta gc who is very smart and mature for his age. He is also the CEO of depression, an accomplishment no one should be proud of
Bro you had great comments on this argument , very tatsat of you
by Bob_bob June 1, 2020
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Despite a person being outwardly single and engaging in friendly conversation and coffee and no visible sign of no girl friend or fiancée, the object of one's desire turns out to either have a twisted trail of past romances or some one who they are still deeply connected with who is not so buried in their heart.
Alice really liked Bob, but it turned out Bob still had a thing for Eve, whom he's last seen a year ago and couldn't let go thus being emotionally unavailable
by Bob_bob April 15, 2013
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New Zealand's 3rd mobile phone network - officially known as 2 degrees. But the Bro's (the Maori's) have a big share holding in the company. A play on Vodafone, New Zealand's largest mobile phone network
Are you on vodafone mate?

Nah, I'm on brodafone

Sweet as, cuzy bro

bro Maori mobile phone cell New Zealand wigger
by Bob_bob August 19, 2010
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The greatest swimmer in the world , he also is good at basketball but won't make the team in grade 10
U the real Jashan
by Bob_bob April 9, 2015
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Ikiwa is most definitely the best UK based mod at crazy hoes. Shes super wholesome, funny, and just overall an amazing person who is beautiful inside and out.
wow that person is super cool, theyre kinda like an ikiwa
by Bob_bob March 31, 2022
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A group of islands well inside the Arctic circle which is run by Norway at around 78 Degrees north. The major settlement is Longyearbyen and has 24 hour daylight for a number of months in the summer, followed by continuous darkness - the Polar night for a number of months in the middle of winter.
Polar bears have more protection than tourists in Svalbard
by Bob_bob April 21, 2013
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