means "mother" in arabic, as in Mos Def's lyric "Umi Says"
My Umi said shine your light on the world
by nosoyenana December 20, 2006
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very sadd and depressed person :) by thw jjust made that up V
by ddhdhd May 18, 2021
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you should always cherish an umi, hes the best person I've met in a while

not only is he really gay which luckily I support gay people but that's besides the fact, he's a sweet person
I've always felt super comfortable with umi, never thought I could be comfortable with someone like that before yk if younger me knew that I could be as happy as I am with umi I wouldn't believe you, I didn't think I'd get any friends but infact I got the best friend I could have ever asked for

I like listening to him talk and calling him all night, I like the way he listens to me back even if it's some stupid tangent I think it's funny when he gets all sassy or his tone changes and he starts whining
you feel good with umi because he cares about you even about things that you don't care for enough yourself, hes patient with you and does kind things for you like make you curry and eat with you so you feel less bad and all his food taste really good

he's very smart and knows everything about everything and a great friend
did you know umis gay?

obviously look at him
by yummgummyworms July 5, 2022
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A word that describes a young, beautiful girl. She's usually loud, but not too loud. She's the life of every party. She sometimes makes mistakes, but always learns from them. She effects everyone's life. You either love an Umi or hate an Umi.
Most boys will soon find them self in love or crushing on Umi. Umi is also great at sex and sends nudes.
Boy1: Man, who's that hot chick dancing on the table?
Boy2: Looks like an Umi, ngl.
by Nohappienesswithoutcqre January 2, 2016
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Umi is directly translated as ocean in Japanese, but is otherwise known as a short person.
by Happiness February 5, 2008
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Short for 'Un-Motivated Youth'
Agroup formed in downtown Bethesda, Maryland in 2008 to counter-attack the exclusive 'Hawtzy' group.
'Dude do you know Billy? He's a UMY'
by Dino-boy March 15, 2009
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Is usually an amazing, smart, athletic , artistic person, not to mention is very sexy. Is very confident and hardly ever gets scared. All the boys go crazy over her but, she usually ends up with boys named Sam or Nick.
Girl: I wish I was Umi

Boy: That girl is such a Umi
by umzizzle January 12, 2016
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