Taken from the book of the same name, an Ugly American is an American citizen that visits a foreign country and views everything from an American standard, refusing to acknowledge local culture and standards. Because of this ethnocentric viewpoint, the American is often ignorant to or dismissive of the foreign culture and is perceived as rude.
While visiting China, Fred refused to eat anything that wasn't from the lobby of the Hilton and referred to everyone as "Wong". Fred is an Ugly American.
by luckybob343 December 12, 2008
The tendency of American tourists visiting foreign countries to completely insult the culture of those countries, almost always accidentally. Many behaviors practiced by "ugly americans" are simply innocent mistakes involving actions that are perfectly acceptable in America, but are shunned in foreign countries. Some universal symptoms of an ugly american is excessive amounts of luggage, overly casual clothes, etc. However, others vary from country to country. For example, in France, you will get your ass kicked if you refer to fries as "freedom fries". They're french fries over there, and they're eaten with a fork. To them, this signifies an overly patriotic American with no respect for other cultures. A far easier mistake to make is, in Australia, the peace/victory sign made by sticking out two middle fingers is the equivalent to saying "up yours" if the palm is facing the person it's directed at.
I could go on and on and on about the different symptoms of Ugly American. My advice to all Americans: Thoroughly research a country before visiting it.
by Party Pooper March 15, 2005
Any boisterous, rude, and ethnocentric American who criticizes everything that he unilaterally perceives to differ from his American standard. This creature doesn't understand or value diplomacy and won't recognize the cumulative damage to his country through his actions.
Burning bridges and building walls are habits of the Ugly American.
by Mr. Surly February 2, 2017
the ugly american is homer atkins a true american hero with an ugly face and ugly hands and an ugly wife but of a peace corp type heart ( read the book!!)..would that all americans were ugly americans like him then we could be proud of ourselves..."pretty americans" are the beaurocratic plague of the earth a shame and a pox.. :-)
read the book the ugly american... he, homer atkins was a volunteer salt of the earth peasant lover who worked in the dirt.
by enok August 8, 2004
An animated show about The Department of Integration, in both a fictional government agency and version of New York City. The show focuses on Mark Lilly, a new employee at said department, and also often shows his alcoholic wizard work partner Leonard Powers, his zombie roommate Randall Skeffington, and his demon girlfriend Callie Maggotbone (voiced by the incredibly hot Natasha Leggero). Its pointless as hell, has characters you would kill if you had to deal with them on a daily basis, and the fact the show will never establish a plot that makes sense (which isn't saying it doesn't maintain one, its just too crazy to understand). Its like The Office... its so unrealistic its hilarious.

The show has legendary quotes such as: "SUCK MY BALLS", "I really wanna see these trees fuck" (fuck being bleeped on U.S. Television), and an episode where Councilman Fitzpatrick, a Fishman, not only bangs hookers while campaigning to become The Mayor of New York City, but also jumps out of a helicopter for his big rally and is chopped to pieces by the rotor blades.
In the pilot episode of Ugly Americans: The Birdman flew over the building and crapped on Mark's head, when complaining to the Birdman, the Birdman simply replied "SUCK MY BALLS!". As it would seem crude, The Birdman Language actually consists of over 500 ways of saying suck my balls, with each way having a different definition. This Testicular Reference Language is later revealed in the season.
by dt520 January 15, 2011
The absolute worst show to ever air on Comedy Central, or T.V. for that matter. It is full of jokes which no human would ever laugh at. It's creators must get high off crack every time they write the dialog because it does not make any sense whatsoever. Seriously go put yourself through the torture and explain to me the meaning of a single episode.

But honestly, who would watch this television show? It's 'plots' are incredibly childish and just retarded. Anyone who sits in attendance while this show is visible or audible should highly contemplate killing themselves.
Guy#1: Hey what's up?

Guy #2: Oh nothing, much. Just watching Ugly Americans

Guy #1 walks out and jumps in front of an oncoming truck.
by Doubtful June 24, 2010