3 definitions by bottomboy_tj

pleasuring one's self with the dominant hand and arm.
"Tim's holding us up being in that bathroom for this long. Must be in there strong-arming it."
by bottomboy_tj March 16, 2016
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physical activities, especially job-related, that are deemed "beneath" one's own personal view of themselves and their own perceived worth, from the belief that "beautiful girls" have laid-back, easy jobs while "ugly girls" do the manual labor, grueling jobs.
"why don't you pick up a broom and help sweep around this place?"

"excuse me? i don't think so! that's ugly girl work there!"
by bottomboy_tj June 05, 2015
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straight military guy, usually Navy, who does gay "solo jerk-off" videos for gay guys for extra cash...a profitable endeavor that doesn't make them gay...just means they are confident with their packages and love getting paid money for something they usually do for free by themselves...
Ensign Hawkins earns extra spending money as a shellbacker when he's on shore leave.
by bottomboy_tj December 28, 2014
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