The half of the population that is the target of third-wave feminism and that is often unfairly portrayed as animals and sex-loving
Feminist - Those men/boys just want sex, such pigs!
by Splodinate March 8, 2018
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stupid animals who eventually fuck u over ,and often think with there genitals.and there morons who are jealous of women because they cant have multiple orgasems.and think brute force is always the answer.
the whole population of boys in my school huddling around a comp screen to check basketball/football/baseball scores
by ilovewhiteboys November 30, 2004
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1.Annoying little ponces that make the gayest gay man shake his head and sigh

2. What most girls are pathetic enough to want.

(see metrosexual)
Girls that like men-boys like Aaron Carter and Orlando Bloom would be better off as lesbians.
by Real man luvr August 10, 2005
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