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First heard on the tv show The Game, Ugly Girl Syndrome is when a girl is so insecure that she will do ANYTHING to please her man.
Tasha: I just know youve been with so many different women. Beautiful ones, freaky ones.
Rick: Don't tell me you have ugly girl syndrome
Tasha: Oh my god, are you saying im ugly? Im hideous, im an animal, dont look at me Rick!
Rick: Tasha dont be crazy. Youre beautiful. Im just sayin, you actin like you got that syndrome when a girl insecure youll do anything to please your man.
by sfanny January 17, 2009
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Often an girl who suffers from Ugly Girl Syndrome is socially retarded. Using tactics such as being a slut she is able to attract a partner. Often she will lie and present herself in a grandiose manner in an attempt to distract a potential mate from her self perceived ugliness. Once mate has "fallin for" said UGS sufferer she will then self sabotage the relationship thus making her the perfect candidate for people not wanting a long term relationship.
John dates girls suffering from Ugly Girl Syndrome because he is not yet ready for a serious commitment.
by satan's personal assistant November 19, 2009
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When you've been deprived of social interaction and/or sexual contact with fit girls, thus ugly girls around you appear to become hotter due to your pent up sexual frustration.
Boy 1 - "Argh i'm so horny, i've been at this god forsaken camp for over 2 weeks now and I still haven't got any, I think i'm gonna make a move for Gretchen."

Boy 2 - "Jesus Christ mate, you have seen what she looks like right? You're suffering from major Ugly Girl Syndrome, you'd better go have a wank and then think about your UGS."
by UGSSSSSS September 05, 2010
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