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Ugly girls are not only physically repulsive, but also have absolutely horrible personalities. They spend their time self diagnosing mental illnesses and being triggered about almost anything said in their presence, especially if said by a guy who won't sleep with them or a girl who is prettier than them. They are also generally transtrenders as they have no personality of their own so adopt gender identities to make themselves seem more interesting despite being some of the most dull, uninspired people you will ever meet. Ugly girls can't hold down a job, as everything is "too overwhelming" for them. This includes doing basic human tasks like shaving, brushing their teeth, or making any effort to not be absolutely repulsive. They have no concept of proper human interaction, and so consistently overreact and abuse those around them then blame it on their self diagnosed mental illnesses to absolve themselves of guilt and allow themselves to never grow as a person. They are unnecessarily bitchy about absolutely everything, projecting themselves as the quintessential cunt. Ugly girls can generally be found shadow casting The Rocky Horror Picture Show, watching anime, dying their hair stupid colors, going to school for art or gender and women's studies and subsequently dropping out, and buying boba tea with daddy's money.
I thought she was just ugly, but it turns out she's a full blown ugly girl.
by FuckYouKae March 20, 2019
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