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an expression of how you feel towards a person when you are extremely attracted to the opposite sex
ufff, do you see her
by gangstaaa daddy! May 31, 2011
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The sound made when expressing an intense physical attraction which causes an arousal.
Guy 1: "Dude, look at the booty on that Hottie-Biscotti."
Guy 2: "Ufff . I need to go home and release."
by urbanLurkin August 15, 2016
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What little kids online type for attention, practically begging for an online date.

An irritating text sound most likely connected to little attention and lots of sexual desire.

Mostly used in games, but can also be found online on sites such as "tumblr".

Example: an abandoned japanease horror app game called "Murder Online", where the chat is anonymous and people should just play, but instead, kids sit around and only chat, pasting roleplaying names before saying something, and pretend random kids also chatting are their friends or boyfriends/girlfriends. They will sit around in the game doing nothing but chatting hiding outside the map from killers that actually play the game correctly, and paste a roleplaying name every time before they speak, and think this abandoned app game and the other kids on it are their life. It's really sadistic.


*Max: hi how ar u

*... ew roleplay name pasting kid


*Syd: hi max I was loking for you all day

*Max: well now im on ur servr :)

*Kiran: uffffffffff

*wtf.. roleplay name paster kid are you mentally ill? Why are you randomly saying "ufff"

*Kiran: ufffffffffff

*... mentally ill kid

*Kat: it means he's bored

*Kiran: ufffffff

*that's the sound mentally ill kids do to get attention.

*Kiran: ufffffffffffffffffffffffffff


Dog: uffff

:get a life roleplay name pasting attention seeking kid. This is an abandoned horror app game. Play the game and stop pretending random kids on here are your friends

Dog: uffffffff
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by February 20, 2018
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