Kiran just lights up your day, she knows how to show love and she knows how to comfort you. She understands you in every way, she is the best friend the world could ask for. The only friend you would ever want. Kiran is outstandingly gorgeous and has a beautiful soul. She can be a bitch sometimes but, it’s only because she’s had a long hard day and she just needs someone to take her anger out on. She isn’t very good at showing her love for you but she does love you. She really does, and don’t piss her off, it gets ugly.
by Nan ♡ December 7, 2019
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A ray of sunlight. A sweet and compassionate girl who would do anything to make anyone smile. She is determined and strongwilled and will kick your ass if you get in her way of achieving her dreams. She's strunningly beautiful and sexy in a playful way.

She also kicks ass soccer, so you'd better watch it!
Wow...Kiran is amazing!
by djkhaled January 2, 2010
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Usually thought of as a girl name, it can also be a boys name. Kirans are hard to find and boys name Kiran are probably the person you should cherish the most. They have a hilarious and complex sense of humor and they're extremely fun to be around. Usually prancing around in horse masks, it makes them unstoppable. Kirans are also the most handsome guys you'll ever meet with cute facial hair.If you ever meet a Kiran you should be proud to know him and treat him like your everything.
"Did you see that person running around in a horse mask?" "Yeah that's Kiran "
by DazzlingDarkrai November 4, 2013
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Person 1: Look at the swag emanating from that man's body! He is such a Kiran!
Person 2: He has swag, but he can not be a Kiran. There can be only one true Kiran, and he has 10 times as much swag as him.
by Captain Big Head August 5, 2013
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(Noun), A beam of sunlight. A stubborn, iron-willed boy with the drive to reach any of his goals. Smart and analytical on the inside. Also very energetic, handsome, and comedic on the outside. Athletic and kind, yet also has the potential to be manipulative. Has good communication skills an can light up any room he enters.
He is so funny, he must be a kiran.

Wow he is so deep, what a kiran.
by Unknownymous7777778852 December 14, 2013
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Kiran is the most gorgeous,kind, funny and sweetest person you will ever meet. She is very social and intelligent! She can make anyone feel better. She doesn’t ditch people or ignore them. She is a little short but she doesn’t mind. Kiran will become either a model, actor, singer, or the president! She is amazing and she is hard working! If you know a Kiran give the a big hug!
Guy 1- Did you see Kiran the other day!?!

Guy 2- Who didn’t!!!! She so caring and pretty!
by Greg the dude December 28, 2019
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Kiran is the best boy you will ever meet. He is funny, talented, and nice. If you find a kiran, dont let him go. He will be your friend forever.
Dude1: Man, he is a kiran alright!
Dude2: Hes awesome! He kinda sucks at sports though.
by Very cute person November 21, 2019
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