beat 'SC on December 2, 2006 in football ending USC's 7 game winning streak. Still holds the record of 8 games won against USC in a row.
UCLA gave it to USC in the BOOTY
by princezz008 December 05, 2006
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Let's do a run down of some UCLA sport stats.
-103 Total NCAA Championships (most)
-124 National Team Championships(most)
-11 Baskeball championships (most)
-10 Basketball championships in 12 years including 4 undefeated seasons
-19 mens vollyball championships
-8 mens and 6 womens waterpolo championships

and the list could go on.
UCLA has a better sports record then USC PERIOD!!!
by iloveucla February 20, 2009
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UCLA is a great place to learn about asian culture for school reports.
I had to do a school report about asian culture so my dad told me to forget about it and go to UCLA to watch them suck at football but i think my dad got lost and ended up in chinatown, although i did see a little sucky football
by KIllTheBruins December 03, 2006
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An overrated school in LA that has a bunch of students that brag about their academics but in reality spend their time talking smack about their rival USC to make themselves feel better about attending a school in a bankrupt education system.
"Hey do you want to go see a Bruins game?"
"UCLA still has sports teams?"
"Well not for long, the state of California is selling the stadium for 5000 pesos."
by jeru0455 January 13, 2010
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an abbreviation meaning "Ugly Caucasians, Lovely Asians". Meaning that UCLA has the hottest asian girls, but the caucasians aren't that great.
Joe: "Hey dude, I want to hunt for some tight asian pussy tonight"

Steve: "ok, let's drive to UCLA"
by Stewart Jones October 20, 2006
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1. Abbreviation for University of California at Los Angeles.

2. Upper Corner of Lower Abingdon, an irreverent nickname for Viginia Highlands Community College (Abingdon, Virginia) in the southwestern part of the state near Bristol.
"I swear, half the junior faculty at UCLA are freakin' Marxists."

(works for either school!)
by al-in-chgo February 22, 2010
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A mediocre school located in Los Angeles that resorts to trash talking the real academic and sports power of the area, USC. A group of such classy Bruins were involved in the recent jumping of a USC alumni attending the USC/UCLA game with his family as he was on his way to the restroom. See the article on cbs2.com, entitled "USC fan loses eye after Pro-UCLA Group Attack: Daniel Crowson says UCLA fans beat him, attacked him with bottle."

UCLA campus police are racist, recently tazering a UCLA student of Middle Eastern descent in the library despite his apparent submission. Many complain that people feel like merely statistics at UCLA because there are so many students and such a lack of individualized attention.

In order to avoid the blatant problems plaguing the UCLA campus, many Bruin fans turn to attacking the superior institution across the city. With t-shirts reading "F*** USC" (without the stars), the student body demonstrates their true sportsmanlike behavior and depth of character.
UCLA student: God, I wish I could go to the library without worrying about my skin color. So instead, I'll call trojans spoiled to make myself feel better.
by trojanseahawk December 06, 2006
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