Term used on websites meaning "under construction." Often on new websites, sections, or pages.
Yahoo.com (UC)
These are the new forums (UC)
"That site is UC."
by That One Programmer Dude January 4, 2006
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Useless Cute Shit.

The stuff that fills the stores found in touristy towns, random crafts, things that you would buy for novelty and never use again. Chicks dig it.
"Yeah, we had a good day walking around Banff. Went to a bunch of UCS stores- ya know, the usual."
by Livvvy August 3, 2012
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The "University" of Central England. A shit university in Birmingham that is so bad it looks up to Aston, let alone the superior beings at Birmingham University.
You go to UCE? Aren't they the a-level grades you need to get in there?
by mercunium November 25, 2003
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Un-original character.

When you just recolor a character from an existing character of a tv show without any effort whatsoever.
Commonly observed among autistic and semi-autistic members of the sonic and my little pony fandom.
"Dude, look at this awesome character I just created."
"UC detected. You just have a recolored Fluttershy."
by stirby January 16, 2014
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Acronym for "United Civilized States". One of the three playable factions in the games "Earth 2140" and "Earth 2150". The futuristic version of today's United States of America. The UCS army consists of unmanned mech units all controlled by a massive super computer that eventually gets hacked into during the campaign in "Earth 2150". Fortunately, a backup program was installed to ensure their victory against the ED. The UCS's arsenal is somewhat advanced in that they use plasma cannons and a mess of rockets instead of cannons and lasers.
The UCS destroyed the Eurasian Dynasty in "Earth 2140", but that didn't mean that the ED couldn't strike back...
by Someone you think you know August 9, 2005
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The University of Central England, located in Birmingham. It is often associated with its low grade requirements and comparitively poor performance as a university.

It is famously hated by students at Aston University (for no official reason), one of the two other universities in the town
"I have a dog whos name is Rover (lalalalala), and when he shits he shits all over (lalalalala). Shit on the ceiling, shit on the floor, shit on the windows, shit on the door. Shit all over UCE! (lalalalala) - Aston Student song after a good night out
by You know I'm right October 1, 2006
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Midwest slang for big partier that thinks they're cool and dresses in all poor kids prep (e.g. aeropostale, abercrombie, hollister) in an attempt to disguise how sleazy of a person they are.

Pronounced 'yüs'
John: Did you see that douche in ripped up pants and hco sweater at that south-county basement party?
Ryan: Yea, he was in some room with a box fan tryn to look hard while he was sleazin all over some drunk orange ho. You know him?
John: Yea, his name is Todd. Thinks he's a rebel. I Wonder what kind of stunna shades he's got.
Ryan: Biggest uce in the game.
by Skuhlteplayalisticadillacmuzik October 26, 2010
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