ultimate comeback to anything but no u
Jake: Ur mom gay
you: u gae

*the universe collapses upon itself*
by fuk boi 69 June 14, 2018
when you do something weird or dumb in general, and its gae not the word gay so it doesnt meant to offend anyone, please only use this with homies, if not you might offend people and make you sound like a homophobic.
Ray: Im going to spend money on my Apex Legends account to buy the new recolour skin for Valkyrie.

Giselle: R u gae bro
by Lil_Bren September 26, 2021
a meme of an African reporter talking to a gay-rights activist.
"why are u gae?"
by necromorph moon February 7, 2022
person 1 y r u gae

person 2 who says im gae

person1 u r gae
y r u gae?
by bewfvfvfugf July 6, 2022
funny question in an interview and its funny because funny
johny: why r u gae
bob: because funny
by largesssssssssssssss March 28, 2022
tony (stares at mans ass) man (turns around) "NOW U HAVE EPIC GAE"
tony (cries)
by COBY MUDA FUGGA May 21, 2019