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a HOT guy that has a great personality

he is always true to his girlfriend and loves her to death
Any girl would be lucky to have him

hes always there when you need him and makes you happy just by seeing him smile

Tyson is one of the "best friend" types but makes a amazing boyfriend
he had alot of friends and is popular around school
"OMG ! did you see tyson !"
by MusicForever February 21, 2012
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A guy who can't figure out how to flirt with a girl. He sometimes gets to nervous to admit his true feelings to you. If he ever pauses, it is because he is thinking what he should say because he doesn't want it to come out the wrong way. he cares about your feelings alot and wants one girl to be his. If your that lucky girl, never lose him because he is worth a lot more than any guy out there.
Wow look at Tyson and Michele dancing out there.
He hasn't even talked to any other girls yet.
Yeah because he is loyal to her.
by greendaylover11 August 11, 2016
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Sexyest and Nicest Manwhore you will ever meet.
#1:omg im having a bad day
#2:need a hug?
#2:how about a kiss?
#1:dont be such a tyson
by xPoorLittleSceneGirlx January 23, 2009
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He's. . . . . the Dude, Dude. I mean come on man, he's perfect in every way. Very nice understanding, could get whoever he wants but chooses to stay with one girl. And Loves to kick it with his buddies just chill and DERB it up. haha
Male: Hell ya I wanna kick it with Tyson who doesn't.

Female: Fuck ya I would do anything with Tyson.
by T Mems August 25, 2010
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the best goddam boxer the world has ever seen, with his explosive power sending oppenents to the canvas.
tyson vs bruno 2 1996 ko round 3
by the gangsta February 28, 2005
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Adj. (Tai-sun) Meaning: Well-endowed male.
Noun. (Tai-sun) Meaning: Well-endowed male.
Adj.: You mean that tyson guy?
Noun: You mean that Tyson guy?
by Politico June 06, 2006
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A man who is basically god and has sex with megan fox daily and bangs your mom on the side and is hot sexy and brave
Tyson:I hate it when jessica alba calls me when im sleeping with meagan fox!
by MeaganFox October 11, 2010
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